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Our ethics

Loren Kadi commits itself resolutely in favour of environmental protection and biodiversity, fair trade and the fight against the children exploitation. That results in very concrete measures and actions, that are listed hereafter.

Our ethics regarding our natural ayurvedic cosmetics:

  • No test is made on animals for our products
  • Our cosmetics do not comprise any component coming from the animals (except for honey and milk).
  • We do not use pas mineral oils, and we only use natural colors made out of plants.
  • The plants used are cultivated with ecological care and some wild plants gathered respecfully.

Our other ethical commitments:

  • Our packaging are reduced to the strict necessary and can be recycled.
  • No chidren's work is tolerated in our supplier
  • We collaborate directly with our manufacturers on a fair trade basis

We only work with a small number of manufacturers, whose processes we know very well, and with whom a long term relationship was established on the basis of trust. We share with them essential values such as product quality, environmental protection, and the respect of women and men. When you buy our products, you also contribute to perpetuate this relationship.