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Loren Kadi general terms and conditions

The company LOREN KADI SAS (referred to below as SELLER) is a registered business numbered 520 952 854 R.C.S BERGERAC. Its mailing address is 24580 and its e-mail address is [email protected] (below: SELLER’S ADDRESS).
All orders of products featured on the website www.lorenkadi.com (below: SELLER’S WEBSITE) indicate agreement to the terms and conditions of sales. The submission of an order indicates full agreement to these terms and conditions and is equivalent to an electronic signature.

The terms and conditions define the rights and provisions of the parties in the context of online sales offered by the SELLER to the buyer.
Order Confirmation
Contract information will be sent by e-mail to the e-mail address indicated by the buyer in the order form.
Proof of Transaction
Computer records, kept in the protected digital files of the company SELLER are considered proof of all communications, orders, and payments having occurred between parties.
The electronic system of archiving of order forms and invoices produces documentation that constitutes proof of transaction.
Product Information
The SELLER makes every effort to ensure the correctness of information given on the SELLER’S WEBSITE. Nonetheless, the SELLER or its retailers are not responsible for consequences, incidents, or damages resulting from electronic transfer of information or for the correctness of information transmitted even in cases in which the SELLER may have known about the possibility of such damages. Names and brand imagery of products and producers are used solely for identification purposes. Product photos, descriptions, and prices are not contractual.
Duration of Validity of Prices and Sales
Prices are valid for the duration of the day they are posted.
Shipping Methods
LProducts are delivered to the address indicated by the buyer in the order form and only within the geographic areas to which we currently ship.
All products are shipped in perfect condition. The client must notify the delivery agent of any trace of mishandling of the package (holes, signs of the package being crushed, etc.), and refuse the delivery if the contents may be damaged. A new shipment of the identical order will be shipped without shipping costs.
No exchange of products declared damaged after the acceptance of the delivery will be accepted.
As with any delivery, late arrival or loss of the package is possible. In such a case, we will contact the delivery company to make an inquiry. All efforts possible will be made, for the necessary duration, in order to find the package. In the event of the package not being found, the SELLER will acquire a reimbursement from the delivery company and will ship an identical order at its own cost.
We decline all responsibility for delays in shipment arrival due to the delivery company, especially in the case of loss of products, inclement weather, or strikes.
Delivery Problems for which the Delivery Company Is Responsible
All anomalies concerning delivery (damaged items, missing items from the order, damaged package, broken products, etc.) must imperatively be indicated on the delivery receipt in the form of a handwritten note accompanied by the signature of the client.
The customer must likewise confirm the recognition of the anomaly with the delivery company within the two (2) business days that follow the delivery date by sending a letter by registered mail with an acknowledgement of receipt listing the aforementioned claims.
The customer must transmit a copy of this letter to the ADDRESS OF THE SELLER. Without this document, we will not carry out any exchanges.
Delivery Errors
The customer must address a claim of delivery error or non-conformity of products in type or quality in relation to the order form, to the SELLER within the same day of shipping or the following business day at the latest.
Beyond this date, all claims will be rejected.
The claim can be made to the SELLER at the ADDRESS OF THE SELLER.
All claims made outside of the terms defined above and within the time limits noted cannot be taken into account and will exempt the SELLER from all responsibility regarding the customer.
In case of a delivery error or a problem with an exchange, any product to be exchanged or reimbursed must be returned to the SELLER at the SELLER’S ADDRESS in its entirety, in its original packaging, completely intact.
In order to be accepted, all returned packages must be communicated to and confirmed by the SELLER, who, in the case of confirmation, will reship the package to the correct address.
Shipping fees in such case are to be paid by the SELLER, with the exception of returned packages for which the product does not correspond to the claim made by the consumer in the return form.
Right of Withdrawal
The right of withdrawal applies solely to natural persons.
According to articles L. 120-20, the customer has a period of fourteen (14) calendar days to return, at their own cost, products with which they is not satisfied. This time period begins the day the customer’s order is placed. All returns must be communicated in advance to the SELLER’S customer service department. The product can be returned to the SELLER’S ADDRESS.
Sensitive items (such as cosmetics) must be sealed and intact for the customer to benefit from the right of withdrawal.
Returns will only be accepted for products that are returned in their entirety, in their original packaging, completely intact, and ready for resale. Any product that has been damaged or the packaging of which is no longer intact will not be reimbursed or accepted for return or exchange. The right of withdrawal can be exercised without penalty, with the exception of the payment of shipping and return shipping fees. In the event of the application of the right of withdrawal, the customer may request either a reimbursement for the amount paid or a product exchange. In the case of an exchange, the customer is responsible for shipping fees.
In the event of the application of the right of withdrawal, the SELLER will make every effort to reimburse the customer within a fourteen-day period.
Force majeure
Neither party has breached its contractual obligations in the event that their execution has been delayed, obstructed, or impeded by Force Majeure. A case of force majeure is considered an unavoidable, unpredictable circumstance outside of the control of the parties, which could not be prevented by the parties despite all reasonable efforts.
The party affected by such circumstances must inform the opposite party within ten working days following the date on which he became aware (that the obligations of the contract could be not be met).
The two parties affected by such circumstances must convene within three months, with the exception of impossibility due to Force Majeure, in order to examine the incidence of the event and agree upon the conditions by which the contract may be fulfilled.
In the case of Force Majeure of a duration exceeding one month, the aggrieved party can terminate the present terms and conditions.
In short, that which is considered as Force Majeure, with the exception of those retained by the jurisprudence of the French courts and tribunals: blockage of means of transport, earthquakes, fires, hurricanes, floods, lightning, telecommunication network outages or hindrances of telecommunication networks due to factors external to the clients.
Partial Non-Validation
If one or several of the stipulations presented in the terms and conditions are held to be invalid or declared as such in the application of a law, a payment, or following a definitive decision by a relevant jurisdiction, all other stipulations retain their power and effect.
Should one of the parties not take action in the case of an omission of the opposite party of any of the stipulations presented in the present terms and conditions, said omission cannot be considered as a claim of the stipulation in the future.
Applicable Law
The present terms and conditions are subject to French law. This is the case for substantive laws as well as technical rules.
In case of litigation or complaint, the customer must address himself in priority to the SELLER to seek an amiable solution.
Protection of Personal Information
All information that you give is used strictly for the purpose of processing your order.
In accordance with the law 78-17 of January 6, 1978 concerning digital files and release, you have the right to modify, consult, and remove the information you have communicated to us. This right may also be exercised online.
All orders passed by the intermediary of the SELLER’S WEBSITE constitute an agreement by the customer, without any restrictions, to the terms and conditions of the SELLER.
In the case of sale to a legal entity, any difference in relation to the sale (price, terms and conditions, products…) will be subject to French law before the Commerce Tribunal of the corporate office of the SELLER.

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