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Natural authentic ayurvedic cosmetics

Ancestral ayurvedic receipts

Traditionally, the ayurvedic cosmetics are homemade mixtures of fresh products.  However, since the cosmetics ayurvedic are produced and conditioned in great quantities, most ayurvedic products sold in India contain chemistry.

This is not our case. LOREN KADI created new natural ayurvedic cosmetics based on strict ayurvedic methods and principles. In collaboration with an Indian laboratory duly certified "authentic Ayurveda”, our developer check carefully the composition of each product, systematically eliminates any bad chemistry, and works on textures and scents.

The artisanal production unit which manufactures the LOREN KADI products is placed under the supervision of an ayurvedic therapeutic and a doctor, who use the ancestral methods to manufacture many extracts containing fresh plants, in respect of nature and individuals. The subtle proportioning of the plant extracts, butters, vegetable and essential oils provides both the benefits of natural ingredients without overdose. This synergy allows an optimal effectiveness of our natural cosmetics.

Prevention, Balance and Harmony

All the LOREN KADI natural cosmetics are manufactured according to the 3 essential principles of Ayurveda.

  • Prevention: Antioxydants are present in many of our products, as well as plants filtering the first UV.
  • Rebalancing: Our complex formulas with subtle proportioning encourage the skin and the hair to find their natural beauty. Our natural ayurvedic cosmetics are effective on the middle and long run. These are not wonder products whose effects disappear quickly.
  • Harmony: In Ayurveda, the human being is considered in its body and spirit globality. The essential oils and extracts used in our cosmetics bring beneficial credits to the body, as well as the wellbeing of aromatherapy to the spirit.

Natural manufacturing processes

For the production of our natural cosmetics, we use ingredients obtained and exclusively transformed by means of natural methods (physical, microbiological or enzymatic). The extraction of the natural ingredients of our cosmetics is done primarily with natural water, or other derived natural solvents.